From: Me, [], Monday, 12 May 2003, 9:40 AM
    I luv it!

From: Greg Anderson, [], Wednesday, 26 November 2003, 5:46 AM
    Great Pic

From: steph, [], Tuesday, 17 February 2004, 1:42 AM

From: Cool boy, [], Tuesday, 23 March 2004, 9:43 PM
    Steph is boring

From: Muhammad Imran, [], Tuesday, 25 July 2006, 1:53 PM
    its nice Pic

From: rick, [], Friday, 2 March 2007, 7:45 AM
    this pic shows the true age with the old tourers. they did a top job with the bridge, with the limited tecnology as to what we have today.... good pic..

From: me hi you bye, [], Sunday, 9 September 2007, 6:35 AM
    not bad my friend not bad


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