From: wazzup, [ ], Friday, 14 June 2002, 2:39 AM

From: elena, [], Monday, 19 August 2002, 6:08 AM
    okay no i liked it more than you. And do u know how old wasssup is the new phrase is th@'s not cricket

From: Sweet gal, [], Saturday, 12 October 2002, 4:28 AM
    This is so COOL!!

From: Hot An SeXy , [], Sunday, 1 December 2002, 4:36 AM
    Like hello any thing better than dat any ways ey ppls how r u and yer so hi harbour like k gtg

From: sfthdtyh, [], Wednesday, 29 October 2003, 11:25 PM
    wetwetwetwetwetwetwetwetw etwetewtwetwet

From: hobo guy, [], Wednesday, 24 March 2004, 1:56 AM
    whats up with u guys its not cool or sweet its clingin


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