From: caitlin, [], Thursday, 26 August 2004, 4:36 AM
    *first comment dance* your photos are very artistic :)

From: Hali Carter, [], Thursday, 4 November 2004, 9:50 PM

From: Roy Clark, [], Saturday, 27 November 2004, 6:57 AM
    What is the exact date of this photo please?

From: +Jack, [], Wednesday, 21 March 2007, 6:43 AM
    need pics of bridge 4 project

From: samantha, [], Friday, 31 August 2007, 5:56 AM

From: bill field, [], Monday, 26 May 2008, 3:25 AM
    This photo brings back clear memories to me looking up from a Manly ferry about 1931 and later walking with my Dad across the bridge on the day it was opened.

From: Enid, [], Saturday, 2 May 2009, 4:33 PM
    My mother told me that she was the first to cross the bridge after it was complete. Cool huh?

From: dean, [], Wednesday, 16 September 2009, 2:55 AM


Latest addon from Jeni Henderson.
She send in a picture from her grandfather, Wilton J Englert working on the bridge.
Please send in your picture(s).

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